Ellis Whittam

EW Chairman

Few areas of the law change so frequently and bring so much uncertainty as those governing how you manage your people and their wellbeing.

That’s why so many employers turn to Ellis Whittam for support or to outsource services.

Established in 2004 by leading solicitor Mark Ellis, now the company Chairman, we still operate according to the same principles of quality, value and a personalised service.

At the heart of what we offer is our Employment Law & HR and Health & Safety Fixed Fee Unlimited Support services. You can call on us as often as you like. There is no clock watching, no charging by the hour and no small print.

We provide a proactive service: not only do we advise but we actually do the work for you. We don’t simply inspect and then tell you what needs to be done, we will actively help you to implement changes and improvements within your workplace.

Like traditional law firms and consultancies, we employ only highly qualified people. Nearly all of our Employment Law Advisers have qualified as solicitors and now specialise only in employment law. Likewise, our Health & Safety Consultants are all professionally qualified with experience across a wide range of sectors.

We are not a call centre offering cautious advice. Highly qualified, named advisers and consultants build lasting relationships with you by understanding your objectives and the way you like to operate. Together we will overcome the challenges you face.

Our service is underpinned by providing every client with a dedicated Client Manager to ensure you are getting maximum value and that you are never less than delighted with the service you receive from Ellis Whittam.

We operate to the highest ethical and professional standards, having successfully achieved ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and Investors in People recognition. Our clients appreciate the swift efficiency with which we deal with their challenges and the sensitive way in which we handle difficult issues. This is why we are trusted by thousands of employers across the UK from local charities to global brands.

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