Employment Tribunals

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Employment Tribunals

Few challenges test senior management as much as Employment Tribunals.

As well as taking up far too much of your time and energy when you can be doing more progressive things, it can feel like you are writing a blank cheque to your lawyers and to the party bringing the claim.

This is not the case with Ellis Whittam.

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We have an exceptional track record of ensuring events do not result in tribunals – although we always work in your best interest and do not shy away from going the distance. But if it does go that far, we nearly always achieve an outcome that is favourable to the client. And you will never have to pay for legal representation or tribunal settlements and awards because the Legal Expenses Insurance covers that.

Even if you are not a client of our more comprehensive Employment Law & HR service, we can support you with Employment Tribunals for an agreed, highly competitive, fixed fee.

We protect your organisation by minimising financial risk, wasted management time and reputational damage.

We are able to develop a bespoke package of support for your organisation which can be either insured or uninsured. Please contact us to find out more about this exceptionally high quality and cost effective service.

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