Corporate Solutions

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Corporate Solutions

Simply put, Ellis Whittam’s corporate HR and Health & Safety solutions save you time and money and help you get the job done better.

Because we have such vast experience and know the law inside out, we quickly resolve your Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety challenges and achieve the outcomes you want.

Our services for larger organisations, typically those with more than three hundred employees who may already have in-house resources for HR and Health & Safety, are entirely bespoke.

In need of expert advice? Speak to a member of our team on 0845 226 8393 today, or get in touch via our website to book a free consultation to discuss all of your Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety needs. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.Get in touch

Many employers turn to us because we have higher level specialist skills, or for the certainty with budgeting that our fixed fee services bring. You may want to read more about why you should consider Outsourcing.

Our Employment Law & HR service can support you by either providing a fully outsourced option or offering legal reassurance in complex issues.

The time and costs associated with Employment Tribunals can be a real drain, but we can take care of every aspect of them for you.

All too often, employers only consider the legal obligations when it comes to Health & Safety. So we take a commercial approach that not only keeps costs in check, we also help add value to the bottom line by improving your systems, wellbeing and morale of your workforce.

We can help enhance your business performance with our accredited and bespoke Training delivered by our own, qualified practitioners.

To discover how we can add value to your organisation, please contact us and make an appointment with a Corporate Client Manager who will work with you to understand your requirements and develop a tailored package of support.

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