Health & Safety

Nick Wilson
Director of Health & Safety Services

Health & Safety

You have a legal responsibility to protect the Health & Safety of your employees and everyone affected by your organisation’s activities. It also makes sound commercial sense to do so.

As a responsible employer, you will already have measures in place. However, with Ellis Whittam’s support, we make the business of Health & Safety compliance much easier and more effective. We can also share with you the experience of working with leading employers across the UK to support the wellbeing of your entire operation – implementing safe, commercially viable, efficient systems.

It doesn’t just make legal sense, it makes commercial sense.

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True Partnership Working

Your decision on how much you would like us to integrate with you will likely be based upon the level of in-house resource and expertise you already have. You may wish to outsource elements to us to secure higher quality support or cost savings. As with all our services, we can be as hands-on or as light touch as you wish. Key elements of our Health & Safety service include:

  • Performing your General Risk Assessment.
  • Developing and implementing your Prioritised Safety Action Plan, Health & Safety Policy and Employee Health & Safety Handbook, tailored to your precise needs.
  • Secure access to a comprehensive online resource on Ellis Whittam’s website where you can access all your documents and a library of informative and practical guides.
  • Emergency assistance in the case of, for example, HSE visits and accident investigations.
  • In the event of a serious accident, we investigate, liaise with the authorities and defend you against any prosecutions.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance covers your legal costs in case of prosecution. If your organisation is prosecuted for a breach of Health & Safety regulations we will defend you at no extra cost. If a case goes to Court we will represent you at no extra cost. Read more here.

We have so much confidence in our service that we can act as your legally required Competent Person.

Please contact us to arrange a meeting with a Corporate Client Manager to help in determining how we add value to your organisation.

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"We have been particularly impressed by both the knowledge and the personality of our Health & Safety Consultant."
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West Cheshire College
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