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Health & Safety Support

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Fixed Fee Health & Safety Support

With our Fixed Fee Health & Safety Support service, we can help you protect the wellbeing of anyone affected by your organisation’s activities. It’s a legal requirement that you do this and it makes financial sense too.

We help you reduce risk and comply with Health & Safety legislation. And because our Fixed Fee Health & Safety Support service contributes to the wellbeing of your employees, it can have a positive benefit on morale, performance and the bottom line.

We have so much confidence in our abilities and knowledge that we can act as your legally required Competent Person.

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We Make a Swift Impact

Our extensive experience of working across a range of sectors and business types means we know where your likely weaknesses are and the priorities on which to focus. This means that when you subscribe to our Fixed Fee Health & Safety Support service, your Health & Safety Consultant will be able to make a quick impact. It also means we can provide excellent value.

Our service is not a software solution that you do for yourself – it’s based on real people delivering a hands-on service at your premises. And because your Health & Safety Consultant gets to know about the way you operate and your strengths and weaknesses, it means we have the confidence to perform the role of your legally required Competent Person.

Fixed Fee Health & Safety Support

We will develop an entirely bespoke proposition for you which matches your needs and budget. We will never deliver services which you do not require. Our highest level of service includes the following features:

  • A highly qualified Health & Safety Consultant will act as your dedicated point of contact.
  • We act as your legally required Competent Person.
  • We conduct your General Risk Assessment on-site at your premises.
  • We develop and help you implement your Prioritised Safety Action Plan, Health & Safety Policy and Employee Health & Safety Handbook, tailored precisely to your needs.
  • We provide you with secure access to a comprehensive online resource where you can access all your documents and a library of informative and practical guides.
  • We visit your premises not merely to inspect but to help you implement change.
  • Emergency assistance is provided in the case of, for example, HSE visits and accident investigations.
  • In the event of a serious accident we investigate, liaise with the authorities and defend you against any prosecutions.
  • We provide Legal Expenses Insurance to cover your legal costs in case of prosecution.

Please contact us for an informal discussion or for an appointment with a Regional Business Director who will prepare a bespoke service proposal for you.

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"Having this sort of expertise on hand gives us great peace of mind and being able to access it at a fixed fee rate is a real plus point where budgets are concerned."
Helen Nellist
West Cheshire College
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