Legal Expenses Insurance
for Employment Tribunals

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Legal Expenses Insurance

Our Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) for Employment Tribunals covers your costs in the event of an employee bringing an Employment Tribunal claim.

If you are a client of our Fixed Fee Employment Law and HR Support service, you have the option of taking out our Legal Expenses Insurance for Employment Tribunals.

Employment Tribunals can be a significant drain on your time, energy and finances. Our LEI can bring you peace of mind during difficult times.

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Legal Expenses Insurance for Employment Tribunals

Our LEI covers all types of Employment Tribunal claims that may be issued against your organisation including unfair dismissal, discrimination and TUPE claims.

In addition, the LEI can be utilised to bring pursuit claims against former employees or third parties who breach restrictive covenants, such as former employees that contact your clients or work in competition in breach of their contract of employment

If an Employment Tribunal claim is made against your organisation, the Legal Expenses Insurance for Employment Tribunals will pay for your defence costs. Additionally, any settlements or awards made by the Employment Tribunal will also be paid.

Because we place our insurance with an insurer independent of Ellis Whittam, rather than self-insure or insure with a company in any way related to us, you can be confident that there is no conflict of interest. We seek outcomes that are favourable to you, rather than to the insurance company.

Remember, if you want to benefit from this cover, you must subscribe to our our Fixed Fee Employment Law and HR Support service.

We are registered with and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Insurance is provided subject to policy terms. You can download a copy of our Legal Expenses Insurance Policy here. You will need a password to open the document which is available to you when you receive a Service Proposal from an EW Regional Business Director.

Please contact us to find out more about the peace of mind that our LEI can bring you.

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