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Partnerships & Sectors

We have expertise in more than forty different market sectors.

Here, we have identified just a few sectors in which we are prominent and considered to be market leaders. However, do keep in mind that we provide services to all sectors so if yours is not listed and you are seeking our support, please check out our Employment Law & HR and Health & Safety pages.

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In some sectors, we are the acknowledged market leader, having developed partnerships with established professional bodies and institutes. You can read more about these in this section of the website.

Our partnership and affiliate approach is very different to most business referral schemes, where the emphasis is often focused on quick-win revenue generation. Instead, we work together to understand our partners’ long term objectives and to create compelling service propositions that add value, actively support member retention and acquisition initiatives and maximise sustainable revenue streams.

We also work with businesses who offer complementary services to ours, developing successful partnerships that add value to each other’s client base.

Whatever your market sector and needs, we have the expertise, flexibility and experience to develop the right solution for you.

To explore ways in which we might work in partnership with you, please contact us and ask to speak to Louise McGill, our Partnership & Affiliations Manager.

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"Our partnership and affiliation schemes have been proven to add value to members and aid in retention."
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